Thursday, August 3, 2017

3-4 August 17

Tomorrow is my 64th birthday! Since I eschew knotted kneckwear on Fridays, I've chosen this personal-favorite tie for today. I didn't get to wear it at all last winter because we never had "winter" at all. It features totally absurd snowpeople like "Snow-deer" (with antlers), "Bloated Snowman" (who is super-fat), "Alien" (with bulging angled eyes), "Middle-aged Snowman" (with big belly fat), and "Urban Snowman" (covered with graffiti and trash). I think the trio of "Snow Clones" is singing Happy Birthday to me! By the way, I happily share my birthday with Queen Mother Elizabeth (1900-2002), Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) and Barack Obama (1961-).

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