Monday, September 26, 2016

26 September 16

The day we count as 26 September was honored as Horse Day (Cheval) on the 18th-century French Republican Calendar. To celebrate the joys of agrarian life, days were assigned to plants, animals or farm implements. As expressed by the calendar designers: "As the calendar is something that we use so often, we must take advantage of this frequency of use to put elementary notions of agriculture before the people — to show the richness of nature, to make them love the fields, and to methodically show them the order of the influences of the heavens and of the products of the earth." My tie for "Cheval" (5 Vendémiaire) was a Father's Day present in 2012; it is labeled "Pride of England" and was apparently originally sold through T. H. Campbell Bros., Middlesboro, KY.

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