Tuesday, July 28, 2015

28 July 15

July 28 is Watering Can Day! In the early years of the French Republic, a new decimal-based calendar was devised -- to remove attachments to religions and ancient myths -- using "decades" instead of weeks, etc. To celebrate the virtues of simple agrarian life, each calendar day was associated with a farm tool, a farm animal, or a plant/crop (replacing "saints' days"). Our July 28 corresponds with 10 Thermidor, honoring the watering can (in French, arrosoir). My tie, covered with watering cans, was a gift from a great EKU coworker.


rod steele said...

always respected your genius level of intelligence.would hav bet you out solving climate change,world hunger,even cancer.in high school i had the long hair now you do?your house was down from heights AA across from michael suess.know who?i am yet

Gene Kleppinger said...

Rod Steele, I do not recall your name. I looked through my 1971 Cauldron but could not find you (among the seniors). As you point out, I lived on Michael Street, between Easton Avenue and Stanhope Street. Today I have long white hair, usually in a pony tail. After majoring in chemistry I completed graduate work in theology and then philosophy, and now my main job is as a computer system administrator (managing the Blackboard course management system) at Eastern Kentucky University. I also continue teaching philosophy courses online.